Sarah and Tanner. Saskatoon farm wedding.

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March 9, 2020
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I will not write a lot text here. I believe that I can tell more with my pictures! Sarah and Tanner got married a while ago at Saskatoon farm. Their wedding is one of my favourite as I could “touch the dream” with my camera. What does that mean? Let me show you…

Doesn’t she look like a princess? She does to me!

The getting ready session took place in a hotel room at Lakeview Inn. It was an awesome idea for the photographer to come when everyone is ready! All we did – spent a lot of time taking pictures! The bridesmaids and Sarah, the bride, had a lot of fun! Sarah’s Mom could take care of her beloved daughter and pose for pictures without any rush. The perfect schedule, the perfect plan!

Green house ceremonies are my favourite!

The wedding ceremony took place at Saskatoon Farm. One of the greenhouses was transformed to a perfect altar and seating area. Should I mention that the greenery was an amazing photography scenario for me?

The Saskatoon farm has amazing corners for a wedding session! That day there was smoke in the air, which happens almost every year around this time, but for this wedding the smoke gave a dreamy atmosphere and pictures turned out to be stunning! An outdoor setting was a great choice, Sarah and Tanner!

Saskatoon farm is very picturesque! All we had to do is to enjoy the scenery!

But, despite my desire to spend the rest of the day at the Saskatoon farm (Haha!), we had to leave for the reception! The Riverband Campground had a wood log building, great for a wedding that had camping lovers in Sarah and Tanner’s family! The lake, the little miniature church, and pretty woods – more than enough for a beautiful bridal session!

Party time for Sarah and Tanner’s wedding guests!

Wedding contests, family members’ speeches, laughters, jokes and sharing of sweet memories – best small family wedding scenario!

Bouquet: Li’L Mam Flowers
Wedding officiant: Chrysta Bourne
Event planner: Envious Events
Catering: Savino Pizzeria

I am proud to be part of the wedding team photography for Dave Patton, a photographer I respect a lot!

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