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When my team and I met Alissa and Aaron, we were immediately excited about this couple! Creative ideas popped up right away! The couple was ready to do anything to get the best experience from their Kananaskis elopement bridal session. That is an experience we can deliver with my beloved “Yes Darling” flower atelier.

The flower fairy Yana, “Yes Darling” representative, mentioned her impressions about our work:  “While getting ready for this project, I had a great desire to underline Canadian mountains’ beauty and magnificence! The couple in love, nature, my flower installations, the horns – everything was brought together to show the power of the place we live in…”

Are you ready to dive into the magic of love?

I want to start with Aaron and Alissa’s introduction. As you know, life stories move me a lot. That’s my creative goal: stitch the story with the beauty of photography.

Can you imagine two completely different human being’s universes living in a parallel world with each other without knowing how amazing of a destiny can unite two loving hearts…

“I grew up in BC and always wanted to be a teacher and a mother. I knew I’d get married, but having a wedding wasn’t important to me. I’m a taurus, so I love to eat and sleep and take care of my babies.”

Yes Darling flower atelier Kananaskis elopement wedding

“Growing up, I lived with my big brother and my mom, seeing our dad on weekends. My parents divorced when I was young,” – Aaron says.

“I don’t think I was ever very excited about having a wedding or getting married, but I always wanted a female partner and best friend and imagined living with her, working with her, and playing with her as well…”

And one day these universes meet somewhere.

For Alissa and Aaron it happened at their yoga class.

“I met Aaron through yoga. He was my teacher for a couple years, but we didn’t really notice each other. It’s mostly unacceptable for instructors to engage with their students on a romantic level, so it took a long time until we began to chat outside the studio room. I wasn’t considering him as anything more than a teacher up to that point as well.
Once we began talking, though, it was clear that the interest was there. We began with a simple first date, just meeting for tea, and haven’t lost interest since that day.”

For a long period of time my beloved Yes Darling flower atelier and I had the idea to create a beautiful elopement bridal session in the mountains. Alissa and Aaron were our perfect fit! We fell in love with this couple and their strong desire to give us this opportunity! We had multiple meet ups, dresses try outs, brief ideas discussions and schedule adjustments.

These guys are very busy parents. Being a parent myself, I know how hard it can be to find even a half hour for yourself! Here we had half of a day in our mind!

Dating Aaron in the early days was unlike anything I’d experienced before. He gave me his time, attention, and respect in every endeavour. He was very fun, but also solid–like a joyful child and a wise man mixed into one person.

The week we planned our photoshoot the weather forecast was outrageous! We didn’t have a single day without the rain! So, having a tight timeframe made us feel nervous! Flowers are very gentle creatures, we couldn’t let them die before shining in our project. Our decided final day wasn’t promising either. But we decided to take a risk!

“There are some cultures and religions, like Hinduism, that believe a rainy wedding day is the foundation of a strong marriage!”

I truly believe that is true! In my personal life the rain was always a sign of success! Although we had a shiny beginning, the afternoon brought heavy clouds…

The change of atmosphere did not change our mind! We kept shooting and doing amazing work. The most brave in our team was our couple, Alissa and Aaron. Two hearts in love in the middle of oncoming Kananaskis storm. Should the bridal elopement go on?
So, we kept talking about their life story…

Alissa, what do you love the most about Aaron?

“I’ve always loved his spontaneity and the confidence with which he shares his opinions. Watching him teach yoga and meditation like a master is also very attractive to me, and the more I get to know him, the more I respect that craft. The musical abilities he brings to his teachings just take them to the next level and I always feel so proud of what he offers to his students and clients.
Aaron pulls me out of my comfort zone, traveling the globe and encouraging me to teach my own style of yoga. “

This couple operate the Academy of Tantric Science together!

Alissa and Aaron now teach Tantra together and they’ve developed their own methods based on the combinations of experience each of them brings to their teachings. They’ve had the chance to host their first Tantric retreat for couples together and Alissa is excited to spend the rest of her life with him, traveling and teaching what they love. 

“Most of us yearn to realize our relationship’s highest potential. We all share the desire for more passionate, playful sex and more deeply-connected relationships with our partners. At the root of this wanting is the desire to be Loved and to Love – to be seen and to witness.”
– The Academy of Tantric Science says.

Alissa and Aaron share a common understanding of the power of a relationship as a ground for conscious awakening and in breaking through the walls of past conditioning, healing toxic shame, unlocking their vital sexual God and Goddess energies. 

This Kananaskis elopement session was real proof of how stoic and strong the couple can be. They were determined and took the photo drive till the end! Were we caught by rain in the middle of mountains? Well, yes we were! But we created beauty out of it!

“Aaron and I each brought three children into this relationship. Having a supportive, loving co-parent has been so valuable to me and our whole family. Our life together is incredibly busy at the moment, but we’re committed to slowing down and seeing each other every day. I believe our children all benefit from seeing an aware, accepting couple making time for each other and staying stable through the stresses and joys of life.”

Alissa appreciates the little things Aaron does: he always makes dinner for his big family crew when he knows she doesn’t have the energy for it after a long day. He lets Alissa sleep in whenever possible (which is rare!). He honours her feminine nature with admiration and support. 

“I honour Alissa by treating her as the most important person in my life. I love my daughters by teaching them they are powerful. I show our boys how to be a loving man and an involved parent. I tell them all that they are loved every single day.”

And he looks stunning in the middle of Kananaskis mountains scenery giving their elopement bridal session a sexy note!

“Aaron grew up in Calgary, but he loves to travel everywhere. He’s an aquarius, so he’s eccentric, expressive and a loyal friend,” – Alissa keeps telling their story.

But the most important thing is that he loves Alissa and their family and supports his wife the best he can!

Alissa: “I imagine us in 20 years still developing our personal knowledge and professional abilities, both together and individually. We’ll still be best friends, supportive of the inevitable changes we’ve gone through.”

Aaron: “I want to grow old together and watch each other keep getting better and better.”

This couple in love has a lot of plans for their future!

“Our ideal future involves traveling, teaching in different places throughout the world, and showing our kids life from many different perspectives.”

“He does not imagine living without me!” – Alissa gives me a happy smile.

I always ask my couples what do they like to do together, what kind of passions do they share?

“We both enjoy cooking, but Aaron does most of the cooking for the family. We both love to travel and discover delicious food in new places.”

We are each other’s greatest teachers. And we teach others together for work. And we admire and encourage each other’s teachings.

The following vendors took part in this amazing Kananaskis elopement bridal session:

Floristics and decor: Yes Darling
Groom outfit: Kenneth Cole Reaction
Bride’s dress: Value Village (we love the idea to recycle <3)
Hair: French Braiding
Cake: Cat Cakes
Table and chairs: Structube
Special thanks to our accessories supporter and extra hand: Mihaela Mara and Ritvars Sirmais!

Videography: Arty Sych

Videography: Ruby Moments Photography and Video

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