Photo-session at Louvre, Paris

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March 13, 2020
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Paris photographer photo session Louver

Last year I got a creative idea: a photography trip to show the beautiful landscapes and architecture of my beloved country, France. I have a story of lifelong discoveries about this country. So, a photo-session at Louvre in Paris – that was my dream. Louvre’s museum grounds are a huge territory with lots of amazing corners to have an outstanding background.

I planned this trip for more than three months; looking for couples in love, brainstorming colours, outfits, chatting with my future models – it all took a lot of my time and got me super excited.

The first couple I worked with lives in Paris

“I met Oxana three years ago at Ukrainian Festival dedicated to Lemkos culture in June 2016. I fell in love right away and decided to give it a try, “- Ivan starts to tell their story.

Paris photographer photo session Louver

“We are together for more than three years. We made a decision to move to France in order to be able to travel and to feel more stable financially,” – Ivan keeps sharing their story.

“I’m in love with her hair and her eyes!”

“What I love in him is the confidence, which, I believe, is something any woman is looking for! That’s what he gives me and I truly know he is trustworthy…”

Photo-session at Louvre, Paris

Oxana shares her feelings about Ivan: “I love his physical form and the strength of his character. He is always strong man, my support, my motivation, he settles me down and encourages at the same time. He’s a kind of a person that is easy going and fun in everyday’s life.”

The camera loves to capture relationships

Ksusha and Ivan are very photogenic young couple. Working with them was a real pleasure. A little guidance gave them an idea of what I was looking for as a photographer. The goal was simple – to show their love!

Photo-session at Louvre, Paris

Vanya always tries to be considerate about Ksusha and to predict her wishes. He cares about her needs, doesn’t let her get bored. Oxana in return, always supports him exactly when he needs her to.

Although they have different interests, they have lots in common

  • Ivan loves football!
  • Oxana dreams to become a journalist.

They go to soccer together, watch movies, and travel beautiful places like France, Normandy, and different cities in Ukraine.

Photo-session at Louvre, Paris

“He loves my new looks, pretty dresses, tasty dinners…”

“Love is two loving people always supporting each other. Personal development is the process of becoming a better person for each other. Love is the confidence, the light in his eyes…”, – she smiles.

Paris photographer Louvre photo-session

The dreamy Louvre landscape fits perfectly for this session. I am obsessed about French architecture! This country is the perfect photography location! Photo-session at Louvre, Paris, proved to be a good idea.

I have a question that I ask all my couples…

How do you see your life in 20 years?

“We are dreaming to come back to Ukraine. We would love to do what we love in life, get finished the education, find a good job, create a family which is the most important in my opinion!” – Vanya shares his dreams.

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“In 20 years? I don’t really know… everything changes so quickly… But I wish us to find ourselves. I dream to find the meaning of our lives: who we are, the reason we live here, find our destiny. But the most important is to be together, to get a kid, or even two,” – Oxana says.

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Oxana loves everything new, new places discoveries, new people and social life. Reading good books is her passion!

This girl is created for the camera, but she’s a little bit shy. Shying is not a problem however. Her smiley face and gentle posture did a good job – she looks perfect in every single picture!

The sunset quickly set over Louvre’s lawns. The light was gorgeous and created a smokey atmosphere. This is the best time and light for photography.

Calgary wedding photographer Louvre photo session Paris France

Just look at them…!

This photo-session at Louvre, Paris, turned out to be exceptionally gorgeous.

Paris France photographer

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