Elopement session in Paris

Paris photographer photo session Louver
Photo-session at Louvre, Paris
April 8, 2020
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October 19, 2020
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Elopement sessions are my favourite! Elopement session in Paris – my dream come true. It’s the best part of the wedding industry photography – having one-on-one working moments with couples getting married. I always call these moments “a cherry on top of the cake”.

When Mila and I met, an amazing discovery happened to me! My creative world made a new connection. That’s the only way I can describe our mutual understanding with this girl. I did tons of good shots, so, it was hard to make final choices for images to be edited. I wanted to create a fairytale story for Mila. I believe that’s what we got!

Let me tell the story of this fairy…

Mila was born far in the Northern territories of Russia. That’s probably the reason why she hates cold. Her family moved a lot, since her father was in the military, but most of her childhood she spent in Ukraine.

“I managed to get two diplomas: one for my parents, the second one – occasionally”

Mila is a very smart girl. Her education is diverse:
– She’s a music teacher, choirmaster and event manager
– She’s a TV and movie producer

“I can really say that I am a creative person that loves adventures and challenges!”

Besides that, Mila loves cats, cooking and mountains…

– So, Mila, how do you leverage your educational experience?
– I almost never worked according to my diplomas, so I have little experience. But, I’ve tried lots of other professions and the best part of it – I enjoyed working with people! I love people!

Paris elopement Calgary wedding photographer

“In my childhood I dreamed about everything international (music, culture, languages) and making acquaintance with someone from abroad. We all are USSR grown, so, that was a dream of all of us, I believe.
I can definitely say that my dream came true: I have a FRIEND in every corner of the world…”

Mila is in love with Paris. She currently resides in Bordeaux but takes every chance to visit Paris. Our session took place around Louvre area: Louvre museum, Tuileries garden, Place de la Concorde and Pont Alexandre. These are just a few of many outstanding locations in Paris.

“I’m in love with foreign languages! I can translate “thank you” to at least 50 languages…

“But my heart is stolen by English! I have a passion teaching and learning it. I am so disappointed that living in France I don’t keep practicing English and my knowledge started fading.”

Elopement session in Paris


France is my love! I was meant to live there but that never happened, through my choice. Since my family found stability in Canada, I started visiting France on a regular basis. That’s why doing creative sessions in France was just the next step for me. All the people I met there love this country a lot! It’s impossible to stay neutral to France… What about you, Mila?

“… LOVE it!… It’s my home, my freedom…”

I compare it to the perfect match on deliciousnesses, beauty and sightseeings in every aspect of french life!!

“I adore to be Madam or even Mademoiselle – so delightful to my ears!”

Calgary wedding photographer

Our session took a couple of hours! I would love it to last even longer! But the sunset hit the skyline. I wanted to talk to her about things besides shooting. Our intense connection happened to be online. I planned to go to France this summer, but huge changes due to COVID-19 prevented me. I’ll be back later, my beautiful soulmate!

Calgary wedding photographer

Mila spent 10 years in Paris. She fell in love with this city at first sight.

“I met a lot of amazing people in Paris. I met my husband on the bridge leading to Eiffel tower. My life turned 360 degrees when I’ve got a baby-girl here.
For some reason, I had to leave Paris. But I decided to say “Goodbye” and come back for a session with you, Nathalie. This amazing city made a farewell gift to me – this outstanding fairy tale experience.”

elopement Paris wedding photographer

“The slogan of my life is – You should believe in miracles! Miracles happen to those who believe in them!” – Mila says.

P.S. Mila shared an amazing life story: about 13 years ago, when she lived in Kharkiv, she saw an unknown young man at the subway station exit. He was holding a flower bouquet. In the moment, she got the idea that he would give these flowers to her. Can you imagine her surprise when he did exactly what she imagined? He gave her these flowers when she got up to the same level as him. Mila was so much shocked that she left abruptly without accepting the flowers, however. Many year after this incident, in Paris she met an unknown man on a narrow street. The man had a flower bouquet in his hands. This scene reminded her of the story with a young man. This time she told herself: “If he gives me these flowers, I would accept them this time!” And that’s what he did – “That’s for you, Madam!”

Do you believe in miracles? Mila does!

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