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Calgary wedding photographer Nathalie Terekhova

When a young couple comes to my meeting, and I find her to be like a magazine model and him to be as beautiful as she is… and also a talented musician… can you imagine my excitement? An impressive introduction of the couple I want to show you. The article is all about Jennifer and Kyle’s wedding.

For the bride and groom the day started at different locations. I came to a beautiful house in McKenzie Lake area where the bridal party had getting-ready lounge time with laughter, family jokes and preparation time for girls.

The idea Jennifer had for her wedding included changing into two different dresses during the day, for different parts of the wedding. As per my judgement, both looked stunning on her!

Wedding details are important!

Why do I try to spend some time to get wedding details shots? I find it very important! Brides usually spend a lot of time envisioning their look, so I imagine that these little memories will give them an extra emotional touch even a couple years after! Jen spent a lot of time getting ready for hers and Kyle’s wedding, so I tried to give her the best impressions.

Jen’s mom, Kimberley, was very touched that her beautiful daughter was getting married. So, a few warm hugs before going to the altar were more than necessary!

Few final touches before leaving the house. She is the most beautiful bride!

Jennifer and Kyle’s wedding was emotional!

And here we are! Emotions are high, impatience is even higher! She said: “YES!”

Now it’s time for a bridal session and formals.

Jennifer and Kyle had a lot of friends at their wedding, even those who came all the way over from Australia. So, the bridal party had fun to the fullest! They had all the reasons to celebrate! A new amazing family was born that day!

My amazing second-shooter Arty Sych did a great job finding new creative angles for this shoot. Jennifer mentioned laughing a lot at his posing jokes. Best team for the best newlyweds!

Sundance community lake and park had a lot of stunning corners for both formal and bridal sessions.

Don’t forget about the separate couple’s session!

Outdoor newlyweds session is a must have! Can I ever skip it? – NEVER! It’s a cherry on top of the cake! This is the moment when I create the most stunning images of a lifetime and give the best photography experience I can provide.

These are photos that any couple can easily print and put on the wall

Calgary wedding photographer  Nathalie Terekhova

The weather was very mild even though the forecast was not promising. I believe this is the love energy working its way: as soon as we were done with the shoot, the rain started. Could that be a divine blessing?

After newlyweds officially entered the reception hall, a special toast and a speech were introduced. The toast was dedicated to a family member who passed away: Ken Harris, the groom’s grandfather who was very special to the groom.

Aaaaaand, party time!

This party happened to be emotional and intimate. A lot of speeches, dear family memories and sentimental toasts happened. The atmosphere was very friendly. Happy, simple, family moments!

Jennifer is working at the extremely successful staging company Chrysalis Creative Home Staging.
Kyle is an amazing musician, and he is making his first steps in his passion: photography.

HMUA: Maddpretty Makeover Studio, feel free to check her facebook page.
Dress: LULUS

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