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Nichelle contacted me about her and Tyler wedding ceremony as she was attracted to my style of photography, which, she believed, complemented Nichelle and Tyler’s wedding vision. Nichelle is a photographer herself. She spent some time in France studying visual photography art and travelling around several countries.

“When I finally got back to Canada we started to date officially as a couple…”

I always want to know the story behind every wedding! People’s lives can be full of surprises, unexpected events and inspiring moments. So, I’ve asked Nichelle about her and Tyler’s first meeting.

“Our story isn’t that crazy. We worked together at the same restaurant. That’s how we met. I didn’t really have first impressions of him and I wasn’t really interested in him or anything like that.

But after working together for probably like half a year I just texted him asking to hang out and ended up going on a bunch of dates with him. Then I left for four months to go to Russia and Mongolia. But we still ended up staying in touch and talking on the phone every day. So, when I finally got back we started to date officially as a couple.”

Wedding day was beautiful!

The ceremony took place at the family backyard with only close family members and friends invited. It was a very cute and intimate event.

One of my ideas was to add a bridal session to Nichelle and Tyler’s wedding package. The bride put a lot of effort and time to get everything ready, so I was insistent about taking extra time for a short session just for her. Just look at these beautiful young people!

Looking at these pictures of laughing and happy girls, I wanted to know more about this couple’s story:

“For the proposal Tyler booked us a hotel in Canmore. So, there was this hotel that we always go to. I was super surprised… he proposed in our room. I really wasn’t expecting that!”

Vintage looking dress looks stunning!

The dress was quite a discovery to me, so sophisticated and vintage-looking! Of course my creativity doubled upon seeing it, as it usually does! A sunny, dreamy look – that’s how I see a romantic bride in love!

Tyler and Nichelle are a very happy people in general, not only at the wedding! But posing created too much shyness. So, I decided to give this couple some freedom, let them have some fun and play in front of the camera.

– What does happiness mean to you, Nichelle?

– Happiness is synonymous with kind of being content. I don’t see it as an extreme feeling. I feel happy at the kind of moments when I can have a step back and have a glimpse of life in front of me and I really appreciate it. You realize how lucky you are. That’s what happiness is for me!

While interviewing Nichelle over the phone I heard cute baby sounds in the background which was real proof of her words. Motherhood is the next step in a wife’s life, which makes any woman even happier!

Panorama is my goal at every wedding!

Just look at the panorama below! These are my favourite moments at Nichelle and Tyler’s wedding: creating panorama shots for newlyweds and beautiful intimate shots with sincere emotions. This green and pretty back alley had a lot of elements for nice panorama scenery and a session backdrop. Can’t say we lacked time and space shooting there.

The hardest work for a couple is to be themselves in front of the camera. All they need is to show their feelings and forget about me being around. I love working with people in love! 

“I love that he’s very understanding and very patient. And I think the most impressive part of our relationship is our ability to kind of accept each other. Be open to new experiences… Yeah… Being very accepting, and the ability to be ourselves. I never have to worry about him judging me.”

These guys did an awesome job, so pictures turned out very beautiful!

“In 20 years I see myself in a cabin in the woods somewhere with my family.”

After Nichelle and Tyler wedding these guys are having happy family life. They did not have any specific honeymoon trip. Nichelle is on maternity leave and enjoying her motherhood. Her photography skill are concentrated on her cutest model – her brand new baby-son Everett. Their happy family life is quiet as it should be…

Mua: Brenda Macarena (makkydoll)
Dress: Asos

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