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February 9, 2020
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I met this charming groom a while ago at his brother’s wedding. He was very helpful and very smiley. At the time, I got a feeling that I might become a wedding photographer for him. So, I wasn’t surprised that much when Natasha, his fiancee, contacted me about my wedding packages! I was really excited to meet them as a couple for the first time. And I was even more excited about her beauty! Natasha and Eric planned a very tasteful family wedding party at Q Haute cuisine restaurant.

Natasha and Eric’s wedding was totally planned by the creative bride. Natalia dreamed up their first look at a beautiful place of scenery in Calgary. I was supposed to go to the Center Street Bridge. We planned to walk around the city center, but the weather interfered. In the middle on September: the snow came. I don’t mind Calgary weather until it ruins my plans. I was lucky to have a couple just as brave and stubborn as I am! So, here is the first look:

“First time I met Natalia was at a party gathering at my family’s place. My brother’s mother in law was a co-worker of Natalia and secretly decided to arrange for us to meet. I was told to pick up Natalia from work on my way in and I had no idea that she didn’t know. Natalia, on the other hand, was told that her coworker is going to pick her up… It was love from first sight!”

We did a short outdoor session before choosing more safe and warm location. We are extremely thankful to Calgary Central Public Library for letting us in to take few indoor shots.

Natasha’s beauty melted Eric’s heart!

Eric was fascinated by Natalia’s beauty and charm, whereas Natalia understood that she spent her whole life waiting for him. They both note that they were instantly attracted to each other’s eyes.

Eric has dark, always smiling, eyes, where-as Natalia has eyes of green-brown color, mixing in an intriguing pattern.

“Never were her eyes the same color – sometimes brown and soft with a shade of green, sometimes sharp green (especially when angry)”

Natasha is so creative that she did all her flower arrangements herself. As well as all decor elements for their ceremony at Q Haute cuisine restaurant!

Eric and Natalia simply clicked. This one quick meeting quickly evolved to long nights of texting each other, picking Natalia right after work so that they could spend the evening together and ultimately with the proposal.

The proposal was next to come!

“For our summer vacation, I invited Natalia to go for a road trip to Vancouver and Victoria Island. Neither of us was there before, and we wanted to spend some time together on the road. What Natalia didn’t know is that I prepared to propose on the trip. Obviously, she was expecting something. She even checked all the bags secretly looking for something like a ring. She didn’t find anything, because I already knew her pretty well and hid the ring under the car seat.”

He proposed to her at the Vancouver tower, right around sunset, with the stunning view of the city and the ocean as a backdrop. Awww….

Eric and Natalia consider themselves extremely lucky, as they found their soul-mate in each other. They enjoy spending time together, watching movies and creating deliciousness in the kitchen.

After Natasha and Eric’s wedding, this beautiful couple find their daily life amazing and share a lot of activities!

We have a cat and a dog, which we enjoy taking to different off leash parks when it’s not too cold. Natalia has a passion for flowers, and she even went as far as arrange the flower settings for her wedding herself. Knowing that, I usually keep an eye for fresh flowers and try to ensure that there’s always something blooming around the house.

Natalia: “I always make sure I reward him with the fact that I find time in the morning to pack tasty lunches for him, ensuring that he never goes hungry.”

This beautiful video is captures by Jeric Reyes.

Floristics: Natalia Eidelberg
Wedding dress: Imported from Russia
Hair and Make up: Emilia Kuczma-Porębska
Commissioner: Aye Chan Phyu
Cake: Q Haute cuisine restaurant
Music and Entertainment: Dj Barbu
Mc: Helen Shapkina
Videographer: Jeric Reyes

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