Biker Riverbend Campground wedding in Okotoks

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October 10, 2018
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Second shooter photography option – why is it so important?

Biker Riverbend Campground wedding was an excellent experience for me as the second shooter. This is one of the very important aspects of the photography profession – constant practising photography skills! Every wedding is an extra knowledge for every photographer!  I know that the wedding is the very important event and every single bride wants to be sure this day will be captured the best way possible. I am an important wedding vendor, so I realize my clients’ needs. That is why I always talk with my couples about second shooting option.

So, what does the second shooter do?

First of all the second photographer can cover the moment where the main photographer can not come. This is usually the groom’s getting ready. Because the bride’s getting ready is a must. Unless the couple is located at the same place which is usually not the case. So, it makes the photo-story more fully-featured.

The ceremony itself is more safe if the second person is covering different angles. I had unexpected issues in my career when the camera just stopped shooting or the battery was dead at a very important moment. I am not talking about bad moments like broken legs or cameras. I’ve heard that happened with my fellows.

What does the second shooter usually do besides shooting the key wedding moments?

At the time of couple’s session another photographer can cover your guests or decor elements. One person can not be everywhere with a busy wedding flow. It happened to me to have weddings where I could not make any pictures of a gorgeous decor only because I was super busy shooting other important moments. By the time I got few minutes, decor details were touched by guests and were not presentable anymore. Same with candy buffets or sweets tables or special flowers elements. Usually brides carefully choose all details, colors and patterns for their wedding and they really would be happy to save this moments with professional photography. So, second shooter makes it more realistic and possible. I always encourage my clients to be patient about craziness of their wedding day. Yes, it is always a little bit of hurry, worries and anxiety! Extra hands can always be helpful.

Biker Riverbend Campground wedding.

Why the Riverbend campground was chosen as the wedding venue? I guess, the answer is pretty clear… Those baby bikes had to be the part of the wedding day and the campground was the best decision for these guys.

Here is the story of Amanda and Stan’s wedding and my second shooting for a fellow photographer and a friend, Mike Avetikyan.
Cameron Campos officiated at this couple’s wedding.
The ceremony and dinner were held at a campground called “Riverbend campground“. It is a very cozy, rustic and inviting place, especially if you like warm camping style of your leisure.
Anyway, now you can imagine the importance and the real work the second shooter puts into your wedding.

Now, do you see the grooms getting ready images missing? Yes, that’s what I was talking about above. This couple got the full story, no worries.


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