Hillcrest SpringBreak Farm Wedding

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Biker Riverbend Campground wedding in Okotoks
October 12, 2018
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February 26, 2019
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Hillcrest SpringBreak Flower Farm Wedding – what is it?

If only all brides could choose greenhouses for their weddings…
It’s a joke of course, but I left my heart there! Greenhouses usually give such a nice home-like atmosphere. The Hillcrest SpringBreak Flower Farm is the perfect place to celebrate your special day! All together with mountains around it gives lots of unforgettable memories…
Alicia and Daniel’s  Hillcrest SpringBreak Farm wedding was an excellent choice! The place is located not far from Frank town which is a gorgeous and picturesque place in the middle of beautiful mountains of Crowsnest Pass! This is one of my favourite travel destinations! I’ve been there multiple times with my family. Can you imagine my impatience when these guys told me they would be having their wedding in there?!

Weather conditions in Alberta are tricky for some weddings…

Although last summer was a bit nasty, we were very lucky with the weather that day! It helped a lot with taking beautiful pictures. It was very quiet, warm and friendly wedding, I believe that’s what Alicia and Daniel wanted to create. And that was exactly what I love as well.

Wedding photography is a team effort.

I have a rule to discuss the wedding flow with my couples. I want to know every step and to be prepared. It helps everyone including newlyweds to get the idea of timing. I certainly do not drag couples all the time. There are minutes where I am invisible and they can enjoy their day. It’s all about getting what we want: the best memories. Besides, without their help I wouldn’t be able to deliver the best materials I can. Collaboration is desired and appreciated; we all, my clients and I, are aware of it. I only have the best memories about working with Alicia and Dan! They are truly beautiful people and they got exactly what they wanted: family wedding day in a beautiful place with the closest people around. Pretty simple, which is the best sometimes!

Here are few photos from that day. Enjoy!

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