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What does that mean to be creative in Calgary?

Calgary winter creative session can be very challenging for any kind of winter creative sessions. But I still love working outside! I had in mind realizing this project for a while. I am very thankful and happy, that this girl was brave enough and extremely helpful in getting ready to this project. She is a designer herself and knows a lot about colors and patterns.

We worked together on designing the wardrobe and props. I love to think carefully about colors and the outfits for all my clients. This case was special because the project was planned to be creative. We wanted to incorporate the blue color as well as the grey and work around this palette adding a bit of warm yellow and brown. The idea I had in mind is to underline a gentle relationship of a couple.


Calgary winter sessions can be tricky!

As the winter always gives a bluish image and doesn’t really help with skin tones,  it worked perfectly as the background for this idea.

The location is absolutely my favorite. I worked few times there but in autumn season. I will definitely be back with more projects.

So, the gorgeous sunset, the couple in love, stylish outfits, beautiful props can make images pop up. The work that we put into this project was both sided. I depend a lot on my couples and my couples depend on me. We all put efforts into creating beautiful images.

Special respect goes to the man. Men are usually more impatient than women. So getting a collaborative gentleman into the project is very important. Sergey was more than patient and I am very grateful to him. Oxana is my soul body and she’s as creative as I am. So I’ve got the best team to do this job. And you can enjoy these images now…


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