Bow Valley Ranche Wedding in Calgary

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Drumheller little church wedding
October 4, 2018
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Nathalie Terekhova Calgary Wedding photographer Bow Valley Ranche Wedding Nathalie Terekhova Fine Art Wedding photographer

Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant weddings in Calgary – what is it?

As I already mentioned in another wedding post, Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant is one of my absolute favourite places for ceremonies. This couple fits to this place perfectly as both of them, the groom and the bride, are in love with traditions, family respect and roots. At the stage of planning your wedding which is mostly done by brides, you should think about everything! Details are crucial: dream wedding place beauty, design as well as technical capacities to fit your wedding party. The Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant is very beautiful traditional looking place but only small parties can fit in there. Pretty good for elopement weddings but it is not spacious enough for bigger amount of guests. This is not the reason to refuse this idea, because this gorgeous location has another option. You can check my another post to get an idea of it.

Calgary weather can be capricious for any weddings outside…

The weather forecast forced the couple to make a decision to hold the ceremony and the dinner inside the restaurant in different rooms.  The lawn wasn’t used as it was planned at the beginning. Thankfully the wedding was quite small which allowed to fit everyone inside. Wedding photography is not scary if you hire a skilled person. I prefer natural images although posing is sometimes necessary and requires a bit of patience. But there’s nothing scary if your photographer masters working with people with zero experience of being photographed. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!  This bride was very curious about everything which I love as well as meeting my clients in person and making connection and trust. I really understand that it is a very important day and put all my efforts into my work.

Bow Valley Ranche is gorgeous location for your wedding session photography!

Here is the story of one day in August which united two hearts in one family! My couple and I did not have to move around a lot as the site is full of beautiful corners to take amazing pictures. Every time I work there, I use different spots to get a different feeling of this location.

Flowers by Natasha Zoudina

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