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Private wedding in Springbank, Calgary
April 11, 2019
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December 13, 2019
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I already wrote a big article on my second shooting passion, here’s the link to it. Calgary Reader rock garden is definitely my favourite wedding location. This little pretty paradise garden has multiple corners to have your ceremony. If you consider this beautiful place for your wedding day, check the city of Calgary website for more useful information on booking and pricing.

Some preparation time before this bride is ready to reunite with her fiancee for the first look and the ceremony after.

The wedding day was warm and sunny! Spring time is the best time to start a family, obviously.

What should you consider before planning your Reader Rock garden wedding

  • Reader rock garden is an outdoor venue/location. The weather is a crucial factor that has huge importance in Calgary. Be ready and check the forecast regularly.
  • This little garden has a restaurant that provides wedding services as well as an inside ceremony option.
  • Although the park is beautiful and has all that is necessary for your wedding, bigger amounts of guests will be hard to fit into its small lawns.
  • The best and the most beautiful blooming period is at the end of June. Believe me, Reader rock garden is as gorgeous as Paradise during the blooming season.

Southern Alberta Pioneer Memorial Building

TheThe reception venue seriously surprised me. Southern Alberta Pioneer Memorial Building was pretty, very homely and efficient for this small intimate wedding. Wood logs, a lot of museum stuff and accessories gave a vintage touch to this private event.

According to my experience, any wedding day is always chaotic, so the best way to keep your wedding photography creative, consistent, and efficient, is to hire a professional. Any experienced wedding photographer prefers to work with a back up colleague. I believe most full day photography packages include a second shooter. Pay attention to these details and consider asking the photographer of your choice if he/she has one. If you have a bigger wedding party, don’t hesitate to have two PROs on a field.

The wedding of this couple, Charmaine and Chris, was represented by a huge professional, Dave Patton, Dave Patton, and me as his second shooter. This newlyweds were definitely covered by the best we could provide!

Calgary weather conditions

Calgary weather conditions may vary. You can are never be weatherproof outside, so think about the unexpected ahead of time. Check indoor photography locations or get ready for a session outside. Here, transparent umbrellas can help a whole lot. A lot of supermarkets carry these umbrellas seasonally. I found that BED BATH & BEYOND have a pretty decent quality umbrellas. It’s best to keep every Bride safe by preparing!

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