Dragon City Mall wedding

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Canmore Adventurous Wedding
October 10, 2018
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April 6, 2018

What is intimate weddings?

I am used to taking pictures at small intimate weddings like Rhonda and Raymond had. It is usually a very cute but very beautiful ceremonies with the small amount of relatives and guests. This is more like family celebration fr a couple. Rhonda and Raymond chose the Dragon City Mall webpage for their wedding ceremony and celebration. The location choice came from the culture that this couple belongs to. Regency Palace Restaurant was the best fit for their quiet family wedding ceremony and dinner.

Calgary city center wedding session and formals – what location to choose?

This elopement wedding took place very close to the Center Street Bridge, extremely beautiful place for pictures. So, we did not have to think hard choosing the place. The family images were done just across the Dragon City Mall – James Short park. It is a very spacious and pretty empty place to do the formals photography without trying to avoid walking people around. All these locations are so close to each other which made our moving around easy.

How long it takes to do family formals?

Family formals are different from one wedding to another. I used to instruct my clients on approximate timing, bit in general it takes 3-5 minutes per every group. You need to pay attention to elders or kids involved into the pictures, they usually need slightly more time. Bigger groups are similar: More posing and time.

I believe this family has a lot of respect and love to each other as well as their cultural traditions. People with deep roots enrich Canadian way of life and always make me wonder and discover something new.