Canmore Adventurous Wedding

Reader Rock garden wedding photographer
Reader Rock garden wedding
December 13, 2019
Dragon City Mall wedding
April 6, 2018
Nathalie Terekhova Calgary Wedding photographer Fine Art wedding photographer with over five years international magazines and publishing experience. Canmore Adventurous Wedding

Canmore adventurous wedding, who doesn’t love that?

This couple is as adventurous as I am! It’s very easy to work with people who are ready for anything to get the best shot! That’s how the real wedding art is done! The cold weather, strong wind, rocks hiking and climbing – that’s what I mean! And the happiest photographer on Earth was me! The make up artist Instagram is here. Her name is Ilona Gimpel. She made a very gentle make up and hair! The ceremony was quiet and simple with the closest friends and family members. The immigrant’s life is destined to be isolated, so I already met few couples, that had Skype parents at the ceremony. It’s the only way to unite the family.

How to choose the place to take you wedding pictures?

Every couple has it’s own story! So, every time the place is different depending on their memories and love stories! Although travelling takes time, the schedule should be planned very carefully to be able to pay enough time to the image taking. I don’t like hurry up projects because it makes my couples nervous and creates an extra stress to everyone. The professional wedding photographer should explain how to avoid unnecessary stress and to make you wedding photography a good lifetime experience.

Should you talk with your photographer before the wedding?

You have to talk, a lot! Believe me, you’ll get tons of useful information about photography planning. I bet every bride should coordinate a lot of vendors, so the skilled photographer will be able adjust the schedule accordingly to your needs without compromising the session quality and your experience. This day is all about you, right?


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