Calgary Winter wedding

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April 6, 2018
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April 6, 2018
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Calgary Winter wedding

These two love birds have an amazing love story. Ksenia fell in love with her boyfriend as well as his culture. They had the traditional wedding in India followed by the small intimate Canadian version. She carefully chose her wedding dress as she wanted to replicate the cultural patterns and colours of her beloved person’s culture. As for me, I was more than happy to get this kind of a dress in front of my camera. Their winter wedding session turned to be exceptionally dreamy and beautiful!

The winter wedding dress

Using the white colour of a winter session can be tricky. You can check my other article about a few tips on winter wedding photography. When the bride takes care of her outfit beforehand, it helps a lot. This beautiful lady took her role very responsibly. As a result she didn’t catch a cold during this session. It helped me to think more creatively about their photography. When people are frozen in front of my camera it makes me nervous, so I prefer to instruct my clients a lot before their wedding. 

What topics do we discuss with my newlyweds?

One of my tips for discussion is the wedding dress. Why should I be consulted? Because I want to understand how flexible my bride is going to be. The dress design tells me a lot! It tells me if the bride can move, can sit, if the groom can hold her in his arms or lift her, etc. The dress tells the whole story! It determines the posing, the background or even the location. 

All my newlyweds do their homework!

What do I mean by homework? Our pre wedding discussions are very informative for the couples. I ask a lot of questions and I give them checkpoints for them to dig deeper. I want to know everything about their wedding flow as it helps me a lot, to be prepared better. There are tons of unexpected moments at every wedding, but the main elements need my special attention. Attention also requires time! I need time to adjust my equipment for the best shots. 
So, I dig in. When my couples sign the contract, sometimes they are unaware of their timetable. I am ok about that, as it’s impossible to get this information one year or even half of a year ahead. So, a few weeks before the event all is good, the flow is set up, is when I want to have it printed! The timer becomes my best friend!

What’s the best reward for any photographer?

Coming back to this beautiful couple’s small ceremony, I want to mention that they were extremely grateful clients! I put in a lot of effort to give the best service I could, and I am happy to get my efforts recognized! I am not talking about money, either way we photographers always get our rates. I am talking about the gratitude, the attitude and relationships. This is the best pay a photographer can get from a client!!!











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