Elopement session at Rocky Mountains of Alberta

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October 19, 2020
Airstream Elopement Calgary Rocky mountains

My team and I met this gorgeous couple a few weeks before a shoot. These guys were getting married and we wanted to work on a creative vision of their celebration combined with the natural beauty of our province, stylish accessories, and decor.

“The true definition of elopement is when a couple runs off secretly to get married. Most elopements focus not on the ceremony (which can be only a few minutes long) but on beautifully creative portrait sessions in amazing locations.”

The world pandemic situation changed the meaning of lots of things in our lives. The wedding industry went through many changes. Many weddings became more focused on the couple, most newlyweds changed their celebrations to intimate small weddings and shared the moment with the most important family members.

The Canadian Rockies are a gorgeous elopement destination! The idea of this project was simple – to show the beauty of human love and nature.

Ashleigh and Ryan

Let me say a few words about these amazing guys. They are so in love! And so patient and determined. A photography session is not just pleasure throughout, sometimes it can be boring or exhausting. The weather may change, especially in the mountains. But when you look at the final pictures, you could never guess it. We spent the whole day in the mountains and we got sunshine, a bit of rain, wind and temperature change. We got what we call “Alberta weather”. But Ashleigh and Ryan took everything professionally, we were proud of them.

Ashleigh and Ryan met in 2016 while they both attended college at SAIT. Ryan was originally from New Brunswick, and he came to play hockey at SAIT on a scholarship. After he met Ashleigh, Ryan decided to stay in Alberta, which they both now call home.

So, The Rocky Mountains of Alberta were the best fit for this couple and their elopement session.

“All you need is love!”

I always wonder how couples meet. I love life stories, especially Canadian ones. Only in Canada people from all over the world find new friends, new families, build new lives.

“What did you feel about each other at first meeting, guys?”

“When we first met, we instantly knew that we had just met “our person”. It was a relationship built on a strong friendship. We are each other’s best friends! Our goofy personalities work so well together! Not a day goes by that we aren’t laughing.”

“What do you love about him, Ashleigh?”

“Ryan is the most caring person I have ever met! He puts everyone else before himself and is very dependable. He would do anything for anyone! I am obsessed with his heart and his ability to make me laugh and smile.”

Isn’t that romantic?

“What do you love about Ashleigh, Ryan?”

“Ashleigh is a very caring and empathetic person! Not a day goes by that her sense of humour does not make me chuckle. The trust that her and I have made such a strong foundation for our relationship! She is very patient with me, and she is truly my soulmate.”

What does elopement look like from the inside?

An elopement wedding is a carefully styled work of many creative vendors.
Here are the names of our heroes:

IDEA, Style, Floristics and Decor: Yes Darling Atelier

Beautiful couple: Ashleigh and Ryan

Photographer: Nathalie Terekhova

Videographer: Arty Sych

Makeup artist: Anastasia Tepliakova

Our irreplaceable helpers: Ritvars Sirmais, Natalia Klimenova and Eugenia Makovetska

Airstream trailer: Little French Nest

Dress: ESTY STYLE Wedding Design

Textile: FabricLand

Tableware: Williams Sonoma Canada

Flowers supply: Amazing Floral Wholesale

Glasses: Value Village

Every part of everyone’s work made a huge contribution. Work is so exciting when creative minds combine their ideas. I am very grateful to have met such a dream team!

Special admiration was reserved for the airstream trailer. I am a huge fan of vintage stuff, so this cute guy stole my heart! A local Calgary company offers it for rent. Feel free to check it out – @little_french_nest

Yes Darling Atelier did a great job with the decor, and our airstream project took on an exquisite look, making it the perfect location for the wedding wows of a couple in love!

The evening brought some rain and wind. Nothing surprising for Albertans…

Ashleigh and Ryan enjoyed the last minutes of our session with their wedding wows and intimate wishes. It was so romantic, but so cold… Ugh, brrr…

Our adventure day came to the end

Everyone was tired but happy with our elopement session at the Rocky Mountains with such an amazing airstream trailer. We had a lot of work to do before night came down. But the only thing I was thinking about was hot tea or a glass of wine. Ha ha.

Our airstream elopement session was totally worth every effort! Hope you enjoyed it!

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