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March 23, 2019
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April 11, 2019

How to get prepared for your winter wedding in Calgary?

Calgary winters are cold! Sometimes our winters are VERY cold. So, it becomes a real challenge for the newlyweds and their photographer! Having got some experience with the winter wedding photography in Calgary, I want to underline 12 of the most important tips for my clients on how to get prepared for the outdoor session.

Why the winter wedding photography is a challenge and how do any professional photographer can deal with it?

Any professional photographer should educate clients on cold weather session tips. I should confess that I talk with my every single winter wedding clients about getting ready for their cold weather wedding. And believe me, only half of them did what I asked them to do. The wedding routine is crazy. People are overwhelmed with lots of wedding aspects. I respect and totally get it! I move a lot during the wedding sessions, but the couple is immobile for most of the time. I need to capture poses, emotions, the beauty of the background, keeping the couples still. Because of that in winter you can get cold pretty fast.

So, my the most important wedding outdoor session tips are:

  1. Choose carefully the outfits. It is crucial for any bride to get cold resistant clothes! I know, brides have the dress… I am talking about under dress clothes. It’s all good to wear tights. The camera doesn’t see what are you having under. I want you to be warm!
  2. Nice and warm shoes is a must! Believe me, it is not important to have heels for the session. The most important os to keep the bride’s legs warm. UGGs are the best!
  3. The fur wrap, the shawl or the fur jacket will do the work as well. Besides, it looks very beautiful on pictures. the The small advice from me, as the photographer, is to choose any other colour than white. The winter palette of colours melt with the dress and do not underline it. It is helpful to choose something different in tones, like grey or beige. I am talking about shoulder cover, not the dress. You want to be the bride, right? The white dress is symbolic!
  4. If you are having reception nearby, the best way is to make breaks to get warm. If there’s no places where to hide from the cold, the car can do the thing. Ask someone to keep the car on for you.
  5. Don’t forget about hot tea or coffee. The thermos can help a lot.
  6. Use stylish sweater for the groom or the waistcoat under the jacket. It will give an extra layer.
  7. Talk carefully about the timing and the posing, so you don’t waste your time on extra talking outside. All you will have to do is a brief instructions and picture taking.
  8. Invite your friend to be your warmer. If there’s someone holding your warm vest for small warming pauses in between changing poses, if can save your efforts and prevent you from taking cold.
  9. Think about the warm mittens. Believe me, it looks pretty if the bride is having white wool gloves or mitts.
  10. Use winter wedding colours for you dress or accessories. White doesn’t always work well with the white snow. It’s the reason to think about different colour for your wedding dress, like different tones of mauve which is also called “ash rose” or any other colour you are in love. You can make a research for the popular wedding palettes or I’ve done some work for you.  HERE‘re some ideas about contemporary modern tendencies for any wedding season! If you insist on white dress choice, the location choice can help with the overwhelming snow. The photographer is the professional who can help you with it.
  11. If you drink alcohol, a glass of Champaign or a cup of a mull wine will help your body to resist better the cold weather. Sometimes it helps as good as the cup of a tea.
  12. Ask someone to help if you want your formal pictures to be done outside as well. You will need the coat keeper and instruction helper. You know your friends and relative, your photographer doesn’t.


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